Plumbing Services

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We are proud to employ qualified plumbers. We understand that plumbing needs to be done right first time.

General Plumbing Services

Plumbing is one of the oldest trades, yet is often completed in the most horrific ways. Simply put: You get what you pay for. 

At National, we have degreed hydro engineers and SABS consultants available, plus a simple addage: If you hire a plumber, we send you a plumber! 

Our VIP service comes with someone who was literally nominated as City and Guilds International Plumbing Student of the year 2016! Finally, your plumber is actually a plumber again! 




All geysers need to be installed to SANS and manufacturer specifications. We not only install, but service systems as well. 


Solar & Heat Pumps

As electricity becomes frighteningly expensive, we are able to install state of the art heat pumps and solar geysers.


Drain Cleaning

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Pipe Relining

As some pipes are not economically able to be replaced, we are able to provide high-end, German pipe relining from Brawoliner. Visit:


High Quality Materials

To provide you with peace of mind and our class-leading warranty, we always recommend high-quality materials – you wouldn’t fit cheap parts on your car, so why on your house?


New Installs

Need a sexy new kitchen or bathroom? Let us install your systems. Carefully planned, precise and beautiful. We only fit the best.

Project experience

Completed Projects:

  • Mass repairs on many municipal systems
  • People’s homes: We do big jobs, but your home is just as important!!

Current Projects

• Ongoing works for large insurance firms, private clients, friends and family


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Get a call back now to find your leak

Get a call back now to find your leak