Pipe Relining for home & industry

Leaking pipes can cause a wet basement, a blockage or even a collapse of the pipes during heavy rainfall. If the damage is detected in time, it can be easily removed and expensive consequential damage can be avoided.

With the proven BRAWOLINER® system, the rehabilitation measures can be carried out quickly, permanently and cost-effectively. Pipe relining is the best solution in many cases.

Replace broken and leaking pipes and save money and cause less damage. 

No digging

The BRAWOLINER® method is a “no dig” sewer rehabilitation system for repairing damaged drains and sewers without the need to carry out disruptive excavations. This not only saves time but also money.

Advantages of Pipe Rehabilitation

- Rapid rehabilitation without excavation, dirt and noise
- Up to 50% cheaper than open construction
- Durability of over 50 years