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All the leak detection and logging equipment we supply is used by us in the field and tested in the South African field. We understand that in the field of leak detection in order to do the best job you need the best equipment.

When choosing equipment, shouldn’t you choose a brand that is not only well-specced, but also is adorned with many international awards?  


Gutermann Water Leak Detection Equipment

The world-leader in acoustic leak detection technology, Gutermann provides both ease of use and the best filtering and acoustics available. No other company has the precision of the champion brand from Switzerland/Germany!


Acoustic Leak Detectors:

 From the new Aquascope 2 Budget unit with the classic brilliant acoustics, to the ever-popular Aquascope 3 commercial setup and the brilliant AS550 designed for plastic line leak detection, there is a combination for everyone.


Leak Noise Correlators: 

Gutermann provides the 2 most powerful leak noise correlators available: The Aquascan 610 is able to beat any other correlator over short distances up to several hundred meters and up to 2m in diameter. This unit offers the accuracy of most Trunk Main units at a fraction of the price. In Laptop Guise, the Aquascan 620 Laptop Correlator is able to provide automatic multi-corelation – find multiple leaks in one survey! 

The Aquascan TM2 Trunk Main Correlator with INSTANT MULTI-CORRELATION is the most powerful unit available on earth with a powerful i5 tablet PC and high-powered long range antennae and the most advanced software on any unit available. Simply put, nothing can beat the TM2!

NEW: The multi-acoustic EasyScan is a revolution: A ground mic, listening device and correlator that runs through your phone/tablet!! Yes, there is now an APP for leak detection! 

Leak Noise Loggers / Permanent Leak Detection:

The ZoneScan Alpha System is the MOST ADVANCED LEAK DETECTION SYSTEM EVER MADE: This system not only records and detects presence of nearby water leaks, but also performs leak noise correlation to Automatically Pinpoint water leaks while you sleep!

What is most impressive is that this system can be setup into the ZoneScan Alpha network which will detect, pinpoint and report leaks accurately UNMANNED – ANYTIME, AS THEY OCCUR – reporting via the zonescan.net website and reporting using Google Earth Interface. Right now, somewhere in the world, our cloud-service has just found a leak!!

See www.gutermann-water.com for more details and a list of our awards to date! 

Data Logging, RTU’s and Telemetry

Lacroix-Sofrel has taken the French market by over 80% and is fast spreading around the world to take on Telemetry and RTU (remote terminal units) needs in the most demanding situations.
The LS-Logger Range has the best GSM reception levels, 3 year warranty, up to 10 years battery and incredible ease-of-use with transmission to up to 2 servers.


  • LT-US:
    Award-Winning Ultrasonic Level and Flow Meter for open channel sewer and flume measurements with up to 8 years battery life!
  • LT-V
    Control Valves through multi-piloted PRV’s/PCV’s – adjust automatically between 2 predefined pressures or open/closed.
    Desinged to provide monitoring of ABB and Siemens Electronic MagFlow meters, this unit couples directly to the com port of the meter.
    Full monitoring and control of water reticulation and treatment systems.
    PCWIN2 Scada System or integration into current systems with full remote support and reporting / control
  • Cloud-Based Scada
    Sofrel offers the Web-LS (mywebscada.com) platform to provide scada for those without the resources for servers, staff, etc. This is truly an amazing service.

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Get a call back now to find your leak

Get a call back now to find your leak